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Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
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Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch
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Outdoor Solid Cat Carrier Pouch

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Hard to keep your cat calm and tamed during the cat's illness?

Introducing our Cozy Cat Carrier a comfort travel bag that is designed to keep your cat close & secured during not so comfortable situations. It creates a cozy & safe environment to keep cat calm & comfortable while transporting to the vet or travel.

This cat carrier provides enough room and comfort allowing your cat to move and stretch so they are more relaxed while traveling, nail-trimming and other grooming. The Velcro collar adjusts to any-sized neck so the cat is gently restrained, and the bag allows him to move and stretch without feeling that restraint. When not in use, just  fold the pouch for best storage. 


This durable bag is made of 100 percent cotton, which is soft yet tightly woven to resist tears and scratches from sharp claws. The bag’s handle is also a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying, and the seatbelt pass-through keeps the cat on the car seat during travel.


  • EASY ACCESS TO CATS - Velcro ports offer easy access to the cat’s front feet, and unzipping the bottom of the bag allows access to the back feet -- so the bag is ideal for nail-trimming and other grooming.
  • IDEAL TRAVEL BAG  - The Cozy Cat Carrier is perfect for car rides, grooming and nail clipping, medicating and dental care and vet appointments.
  • EASY TO PUT YOUR PET IN & OUT - Just open the zipper across the bottom of the pouch and pull the roomy collar over your pet's head. The loop collar that easily adjusts to comfortably fit your pet’s neck size. Zip the pouch closed and your pet is comfy and secure.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF - Also it is easier for you to trim their nails, clean ears or brush teeth by preventing scratching. It will not hurt your pets.
  • FITS TO MOST CATS - The bag fits cats who weigh more than 10 pounds and measure between 15 and 18 inches from the base of the head to the base of the tail.
  • LESS TO ZERO SCRATCHING MOMENTS - Durable ripstop fabric prevents pet’s claws from poking through. This will allow you to comfortably transport your cat anywhere without being scratched.
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL -  this bag is made of machine washable breathable soft cloth. The material is thick enough to ensure softness and make furkids feel at ease.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Easy to fold , Comfortable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Hands-free sling feature is perfect for daily use, walking, cycling ,traveling and other outdoor activities. You can take your pet anywhere, anytime.


  • Material: Durable RIP canvas fabric with adjustable magic glue on the neckline Can be machine washed
  • Length: 58cm
  • Width: 48cm
  • Can be used for pets up to 10KG