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About us

I'm glad you came to our store and became interested in our products.
sandalsbox is a shopping website for young people, we focus on decorative products, provide beautiful products for people who love beauty and home decoration, and we have a deep understanding of DIY products, understand the needs of consumers, have any good You can contact us for any product needs. Sandalsbox is newly established, but it continues to innovate and develop new products to serve every consumer who pursues quality.

Our founder is Susan, who first graduated from the interior design major. He has been researching beauty and discovering beautiful decorations, presenting a different style to your life, making it fresh every day.

At present, the main product categories are home decorations, and now there are more than 3,500 kinds of products.

Since our establishment in August 2021, we have sold a large number of high-quality products, the main purpose is to let you experience different home styles. To date, we have supplied products to more than 8,000 customers.

Brand Development

August 2021

sandalsbox brand established

February 2022

8,000th customer served

May 2022

The number of products exceeds 5,500

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